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The Theory of Everything
Bill's Interview with Daughter Nicole I

Everything we experience You Are The Universeis explained in the book. Everything from love to why seemingly bad things happen. It's definitely intended for everyone who wants to do their dream work, feel that life is magical.
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The Universe Is Conscious

If you look through the You Are The Universelens that it's possible that the universe is aware of us, and superpowerful and actually has our interests at heart because we're really part of it, then you have a different attitude about life.
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My Mission
Bill's Interview with Daughter Nicole II

My sense of mission is You Are The Universeto try to convey these imponderable thoughts so that people can be relieved that life is magic. That it isn't just lumps of matter... You can experience everything I am talking about yourself.
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Materialistic Accidentalism
Bill's Interview with Daughter Nicole III

You Are The UniverseThere are people who have the philosophy that all that exists is matter, that even consciousness, even life is an accident of matter. That point of view is a belief system. I call it Material Accidentalism.
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How the Universe Began
Bill's Interview with Daughter Nicole IV

You Are The UniverseThe universe always existed. The big bang is not the beginning... it's just the beginning of this current cycle in this local part of a multiverse of universes... So it's like a cycle of breathing in and breathing out – of big bangs repeatedly.
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The One Conscious Biocomputer and Partitioning

Imagine that the entire You Are The Universeuniverse is a conscious energy biocomputer, a living computer.   We  are
a living biocomputer. Imagine that all that exists is one conscious-
ness, one Self and it is unimaginably powerful.
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